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GoodPooch Advocates Adoption and Rescue

As a site dedicated to providing reputable, well-researched information to dog owners across the country, Good Pooch is also committed to helping the dogs that need it most.

We are elated to have the opportunity to consistently donate to no-kill shelters scattered across the country.  Good Pooch prides itself in being an outlet for animal lovers that goes above and beyond to help every animal have a chance at life and a safe place to call home.

A Glimpse into the Reality of Shelters

Some quick statistics provide a glimpse into the dire conditions many dogs are currently in.

  • Over 6.5 million cats and dogs are placed into animal shelters on a yearly basis.
  • 3 million dogs enter shelters yearly.
  • In order to contend with the massive volume of animals coming in, many shelters put down approximately 670,000 dogs every year. These are healthy dogs that simply cannot find a home in time.

These numbers reinforce the commitment we have at Good Pooch to promote advocacy for no-kill shelters everywhere.

Hope on the Horizon: No-Kill Shelters

Luckily, there are countless other people, organizations, and shelters that share in our zeal to tirelessly save animals that are unnecessarily killed.

  • In 2019, the states of Michigan and Delaware became the first states to officially declare themselves as “no-kill states.” This means every shelter within these states saves 90% of all animals there.
  • Overall, animals entering shelters is decreasing each year.
  • There are organizations, such as the Best Friends Animal Society, that are fighting for the goal of making the United States a “no-kill country” by the year 2025.

These facts provide hope for dog and cat lovers like us.

Our Commitment at Good Pooch

Good Pooch is a site dedicated to loving animals, no matter the situation.  We have already had the opportunity to rescue 50 animals that were living in dismal and hopeless situations.

While rescuing animals and providing them with a loving home is always the best option, it is not always an effortless task.

Something that is effortless and always worth it, however, is giving money and supporting the shelters dedicated to providing the animals there with a life worth living.

Besides bringing pet owners together with the delivery of valuable, accurate, and verified information on the care and well-being of their pet, Good Pooch is wholeheartedly pledged to continually donate to the success of no-kill shelters across the nation.

We want to make a big difference in the animal world, and one of the most helpful, convenient ways is through monetary donations so that no-kill shelters will be able to remain open and active.

How You Can Help

While we do not ask for donations from readers like you, we do ask that you like our social media pages, spread the helpful articles from Good Pooch, and donate to the local no-kill shelters in your state.

It may not seem like much, but those small actions not only enable us to make consistent donations to good shelters, but it spreads awareness of the current horrifying situation facing animals in most shelters currently.

Besides, giveaways and prizes are common occurrences on the Good Pooch social media pages, so if you want to win pet supplies and gifts for your precious pooch, give our accounts a “like”!

As our readers and fan base increases, this will enable us for years to come to continue giving to the incredible work that no-kill shelters are doing for animals country-wide.


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