Dog health is critical to their happiness and being a great friend to you and your family. We've answered some dog questions about conditions you may have, because education is important when you bring your beautiful dog to the vet.

GoodPooch also brings dog lovers together, so they can share their own stories on social media through our Enter My Pet submissions, enter dog giveaways and find valuable information for a certain type of issue your dog might be experiencing. Our team of researchers provide information that will help educate our readers who can then contact their local veterinarian so they are able to ask great questions and get the help their dog needs.

dog diarrhea


Dog Diarrhea Treatment What is Diarrhea in Dogs? Just like humans, diarrhea in dogs can be as minor as a one-time occurrence from eating spoiled food, or as serious as…

Ear Mites

Ear Mites Treatment How Do Dogs Get Ear Mites? Dogs can become infected with ear mites through several ways, but the most common is through direct contact with other dogs,…

flea medicine for dogs - flea pills for dogs

Fleas on Dogs

How Do Dogs Get Fleas? Overview of Fleas in Dogs When it comes to fleas on dogs, the domestic cat flea is the species that afflicts dogs and cats alike.…

dog hot spot

Hot Spots on Dogs

Dog Hot Spot Treatment What Does a Hot Spot on a Dog Look Like? Manifesting as painfully raw and reddened blisters on the body, hot spots on dogs are common…

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